From the menu, we select "Plot / New Plot / Molecular Graph". and receive the following dialog:

We choose the (3,-1), (3,1) and (3,3) points and the bond-, ring- and cagepath for display. After pressing "OK" we get the following plot. Note that the plot is now listed in the plotlist of Control view.

We can rotate the plot around coordinate axes with mouse and "X","Y","Z"-keys, move the plot with mouse and "P"-key and switch the lables on and off by typing "L".

As a second plot we will produce a line plot. Select "Plot / New Plot / Line Plot" from the main menu.

Select "Default Values" in the dialog to generate a default list of contour values. After selecting one or more contour values, we can change their line style and color ("Line Style").
Additionally we select some critical points from the list of calculated points and, using the arrow button, move them down to the list of selected points. Afterwards we define the style of gradient- and special pathes for each selected point ("Path Style").

Check "Gradient source" and "Include Special Path". After clicking "OK", we now define the plot plane ("Plane Setup").
We select atom C1 as "Point A", C2 as "Point B" and C3 as "Point C".

Clicking "OK" twice will produce the following plot. We can modify its orientation and appearance with mouse and control keys.

Finally we create a relief map. We select "Plot / New Plot / Relief Map" from the plot menu.

After defining the plane (see previous plot), we change the grid density to 30 in order to get a more accurate result and increase the scale by a factor of two.