After loading a wave function- or .aim-file, the 3DView contains a three-dimensional picture of the molecule including already calculated information like critical points and gradient paths.

A context-menu (right mouse-button) allows you to control which items of information the picture contains. You can also set resolution and background color.

Additionally the following keystrokes allow you to manipulate the picture:

Z: Zoom in.
X: Zoom out
Cursor-keys: Move picture right/left/up/down.
A: Axis switch on/off.
B: Bond-path switch on/off.
R: Ring-path switch on/off.
C: Cage-path switch on/off.
L: Resolution switch on/off.
S: Save screen to bitmap
Shift: Increase translation factor by two.
Control: Decrease translation factor by two.
Tab: Reset translation factor.
Space: Reset View to start position.