Plot / New Plot / Relief Map


OK: Press this button to close the dialog and use current parameters for plot creation.
Cancel: Press this button to close the form and to reject changes.
Page Setup Press this button to open the page setup form, where the global layout of the plot is defined (orientation, page size,...).
Plane Setup: Press this button to open the plane setup form
Perspective: A center projection is used for the perspective. The principle is shown in fig. 1. Each point of the molecule will be projected onto the projection plane by rays coming from the point and going to the center of the projection. There are two ways to get a parallel projection: 1. Move the center far away from the plane. 2. Set "Plane" and "Center" to the same value. Remark: Moving the plane and/or the center into the molecule will result in strange looking plots.
Columns and Rows: The selected plane will be divided into rows and columns (can be seen if element borders are switched on. See Color). The density function will be evaluated and displayed at each intersection point.
Scale:   All values of the density function are multiplied with this number
|Max. value|:  Maximum value of the density function displayed. Greater values are cut off.