Control View

After loading a wave function- or .aim-file, the Control View allows you to focus on special parts of the molecule.

Control View contains four list-boxes:

  • Atoms in this molecule: the list-box contains all atoms in the molecule. You can choose one for integration over its basin, or to display existing information in the Record View. After an atom is chosen, an atomic coordinate system is constructed which is displayed in 3DView with short axis (x = red, y = green, z = blue).
  • Property functions: the list-box contains the density functions which can be analyzed with AIM2000. Choose one and calculate critical points and gradient paths and generate plots in 2DView.
  • Interatomic surfaces: the list-box contains all interatomic surfaces known to the program (a surface is defined by a (3,-1)-critical point). Choose one for integration, or to display existing information in the Record View.
  • Plots of this density functions: the list-box contains all plots generated up to now for the density function displayed in the second list-box. These plots can be reviewed and modified.